Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How Obvious Does It Have To Be?

SEE HERE  I personally find this construction of the political jig-saw puzzle that is the Obama administration quite convincing.  The Obama administration is bent on destroying the United States as it has existed and replacing it with a totalitarian regime dominated by what I've been calling MALPs for Marxist, Alinskyite, Liberal, Progressives.

Ultimately they are simply a rematerialization of the Communist threat that dominated the post WWII years.  That threat was never addressed instead it was suppressed by a thoroughly corrupt Democratic party and a complicit media and it went shallowly underground.  It resurfaced to some extent to engage in the anti-war effort of the Vietnam years which resulted in losing a war we had won on the ground.  The Democrats who have been complicit in this program from the beginning gave South Vietnam to the North intentionally.  It's a matter of historical record.

Obama has done the same thing with Afghanistan and Iraq.  Meanwhile he imported millions of new illegal aliens who are likely a mix of thugs, covert invaders, and people the administration hopes to manipulate into illegal voters, new welfare recipients to swell the left's corrupt plantation.  When this succeeds as seems more and more likely, then we'll see the gloves come off and the true nature of this tyranny on full display.  Tyranny Rising!

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