Thursday, April 24, 2014

So Does Your Opinion Matter?

SEE HERE  Interesting perspective on the state of American governance.  Perhaps you just have the illusion that you make a difference.  Your life is being run by remote oligarchs?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Evil Personified ... Margaret Sanger In Her Own Speak

A Trifecta that focuses on the death of civilization and the death ultimately of the human race.  Demonic!  Nothing short of demonic.  The self-hating progressive left at its source ... yeah Bill that about nails it!

NYPD PR Initiative Backfires ... A Teaching Moment Perhaps

SEE HERE  Police need to go back to being civil, as in polite, servants and not out of control thugs.  Just saying .... that seems to be the lesson here.

Alfonzo Rachel Pointing Out Liberal Inconsistencies

Zonation on illegal immigration issues.

Obama Quotes On Islam And Christianity

SEE HERE  Is Obama a Muslim or a Christian?  Maybe reading what he has said about each would give you a clue.  As a scientist I'm always saying "Follow the data."  It's as good a phrase as "Follow the money" which is, by the way, merely following a certain kind of data.  Here we are following what the man says.  What do you think: Muslim or Christian or just plain Phony?

The Problem That Never Goes Away ...

   Interesting video ... questioning Obama's birth story.  Old video with some interesting allegations.  Frankly some of the most interesting aspects is that it wasn't particularly reported at the time.

Of Course There's No Vote Fraud ...

SEE HERE  That sound you hear in the background is the liberals laughing as they win elections with targeted voter fraud.  "Vote fraud is not a problem" they say.  But of course what would you expect them to say.  Indirection is the bread and butter of the illusionist and liberals are nothing if they are not illusionists.  They believe, or pretend to believe in all sorts of things that just are not so.  They live in a world of just-so stories that would be disconfirmed if they merely looked, but looking isn't permitted.  You'll be kicked out of the club if you actually fact-check any of the liberal beliefs.  Just keep chanting the mantras "Ho Ho Ho ... Western Civ Has Got To Go" -- I remember from the 1960's and today Western Civilization is decidedly on the fast track to extinction.  So keep believing the liberals and you'll soon enough be wondering why there are shackles on you feet and a collar around your neck and if you're lucky you have some gruel to eat.