Friday, October 24, 2014

It's Time To Restore The West: Multiculturalism Is Not Only A Failure It Is Abjectly Stupid

The surrender of the greatest culture on the planet is what multiculturalism entails.  It's a ploy launched by the left to destroy the West and it's been working.  It's time to stop and to restore the West while we still can.

Technology Does Always Translate Into An Improvement

SEE HERE I like e-books, but mostly because you can carry so many of them in a single device.  I actually don't like reading them unless I have to.  The main reason is that I like to write in books (yes I know some people think that's awful ... I disagree).  Taking notes is the best way to read if you're trying for comprehension.  This link also points out how failing to teach memorization has crippled the modern student.  Memorization is a great discipline because it teaches you how to remember things.  Our modern educators have largely destroyed education.  To see how awful the results are you only have to go back to the typical abilities of the students of the late 19th century.  It's there to see and it's quite awful.

In Case You Wonder What's Wrong With The World

This is chilling in describing what is going on in the UK in higher education.  It is an outrage and it isn't too different from what is happening here.  The left is populated by thugs and communist marxists.  Education is often more indoctrination than developing mature critical thinking minds.  It leads to no good place.

The News Media is about as corrupt as it could be ...

SEE HERE  I'm so tired of talking heads telling me how to think and filtering the news to meet their agenda instead of reporting honestly and directly.  When I was in high school I was the first page editor of my high school newspaper and wanted to get a career in journalism.  My dad was totally against it.  He said, "Anyone as good at math as you are should not do journalism.  You can always write in your spare time."  So I went on to study physics, engineering, information technology, and computer science.  But I do remember that back in the late fifties we were taught that journalism was about objective reporting and commentary was about opinion.  Well those days have passed us by.  Now everything is about spin and the journalists are the doctors of spin.

Liberty Being Stolen By Inaction And Refusal To Fulfill Their Obligations

The rights of the people are being increasingly destroyed and our own politicians and media are collaborating in the destruction.  We have only a limited time to do something about this because the hour is late and the darkness is upon us.  The tipping point is here.  Push back or wait for the sound of the shackles snapping shut as your enslavement is completed.

2nd Amendment Right ... A Little Language Lesson

It's a nature right independent of government.  It is a right of the people because they are people and it is relative to the right of the people to defend themselves using all reasonable means.

Failing To Value Truth Over Media Spin Strategy

SEE HERE  In the interests of full disclosure I want to say that I can't stand Karl Rove.  The man is simply a bounder, an opportunist, and a dolt.  He's the architect of one Republican disaster after another and now we find that his counsel was involved in suppressing the fact that WMDs is great quantity were in fact found in Iraq.  Well nice to know Karl.  Could you just crawl back under your rock and renew your acquaintance with the other cockroaches?  We are overwhelmed with people who are simply characterless schemers pretending to have great insight when in fact they are merely poor stewards and greedy climbers.