Friday, August 22, 2014

Can You Believe Anything In The News?

SEE HERE First Michael Brown was just a put up teen gunned down in cold blood by an evil cop. Then he stole some cigars but the cop shot him in the back. Then the story was that Brown attacked the cop but the cop shot him. Lots of variations. Then he attacked the cop and fractured the orbital bone. Then that was not true but he had a swollen face from being punched. Now we're back to a broken bone. It seems like these news folks don't bother anymore with validating any of their stories. They just run with the most sensational of the moment.

"The Anti-Christ Of Terrorist Organizations" — I Guess That Sums It Up

A few comments from an expert.

Bring It On ISIS — One Marine Points Out The Flaws In Their Thinking

SEE HERE On the other hand if it were not for the incompetent total idiot in the White House and his many progressive liberal statist tyrannical friends we'd not be seeing the total destabilization of the Middle East. You can thank the Obama Administration for that. They are either a bunch of incompetent fools or a bunch of traitors. It's actually hard to tell which. Right now I still have them pegged for fools but a few more traitorous acts could swing me over.

Can We Have A Little Perspective About What Is Going On?

VIEW HERE Them against us — Savaged against the civilized. Can we get serious here about the reality of the situation. We are at war and won't acknowledge it because it is inconvenient or it doesn't fit the liberal narrative. This video presents the stark reality.

Michael Brown A Fleeing Felon? or an Attacking Felon? Does That Distinction Matter?

Dinesh D'Souza interviewed on the Ferguson situation with DOJ's Holder and on the ISIS murder of journalist James Foley.

A Little Common Sense When Dealing With Police

Seems like a timely subject.

Democrats Have Never Met A War They Couldn't Lose

Andrew Klavan does a nice send up of "Democrats at War" which could be subtitled, "How to be totally incompetent while you lie like a Liberal."