Sunday, January 25, 2015

Communists Admit They Use The Democrat Party As A Vehicle

SEE HERE  How interesting.  Not a surprise really but the admission is refreshing.  Now if we can just get them all out of education and government that would be wonderful.

American Sniper And Taking Back The Narrative

Are you tired of all the leftist anti-American propaganda yet?  Have you figured out that they are a bunch of low-life seeking to fundamentally transform American in a Marxist socialist "progressive" state that controls everyone?  If not, then wake up because that is what's happening and we have to stop it.  Take control of the narrative and push back.  Tyranny Rising!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Common Sense From The Heart: Ben Carson Nails It!

I just love this guy.  He's just common sense on the hoof!

Reigniting The Miracle of America

It's time to get the leftists out of Washington and get back to work.  America is about freedom of opportunity not about enslaving us all to government.

Sarah Palin: "Are you ready for Hilary?" What you have to do!

I love Sarah Palin.  She comes out up front and nails it.

An Elite In Both Parties Who Can't Tell The Truth: Gingrich Nails It!

We're losing the war on terror and it's time to face that issue.

Scott Walker Did It In Wisconsin

We need this kind of guy moving forward.  If you want to turn the situation around you need people with vision and a commitment to get it done.  This guy stood up and did it.  If you want to understand the other side just listen to what he and his family had to put up with from his opposition.