Friday, October 31, 2014

"The End of Obama" — Something Devoutly To Be Wished

SEE HERE  The travesty that has been the administration of this president who seems devoted only to destroying the nation is epic.  We shall soon see if enough of our fellow citizens see it the same way to make necessary changes to end this reign of chaos and corruption.  The mid-term elections approach.  We shall see if we will remain free or become the third world nation he seems bent on producing.

The Manufacture Of Big Lies

SEE HERE  The history of Islam is being rewritten to achieve political realities in the here and now.  Preserving the West means we must first preserve the truth.

The Fascists Are Coming ... Quite Eager To Help You Into Chains

You go Bill Whittle!

Why Do Atheists Seem To Have More Rights Than Christians?

SEE HERE  "I'm offended!"  whine whine whine all the time.  Apparently only atheists that are offended are listened to because I'm seriously offended by this kind of muzzling of people of faith by people who not only have no faith but whole worldview tends to be destructive since without vision the people die.  It's time to start ignoring these people's demands and instead demand that they show some sensitivity for others.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The GOP Brand "Sucks"

SEE HERE  Ask Rand Paul, he says so and I frankly agree.  Why does it suck?  Well it mostly sucks because there are too many RINOs around making it suck.  What's a RINO?  (Republican In Name Only) — A RINO is a Republican, usually an office holder since the rank-and-file grassroots are better, who thinks being a Republican is like being a Democrat only just a little slower.

The real Republican brand is still in the box, bright and shiny and usually ignored.  It's a set of principles SEE HISTORY which are freedom oriented and wish to restrict government to purely government matters.  But the party has done a lousy job of communicating those principles and ideals to the folks that most need to hear them, the minority and ethnic voters that are striving to achieve the American Dream.  That dream doesn't happen easily but it doesn't happen at all in a collectivist and totally regulated massive statist system that the left imposes.  It's high time to take that shiny brand out of its box and start celebrating it.  That means it is also time to get rid of the RINOs that don't really believe in it because they are in it for themselves and just going along to get along.

The People That Islam Is Targeting ...

SEE HERE  Well well well ... the religion of peace is at it again, making enemies lists.  I wonder what they plan to do with those?  Could it be that they're going to engage in honest debate and discuss the tenants of Islam and how Islam wants everyone to have freedom of religion and the ability to think for themselves? ... Wait — Islam doesn't want that.  You didn't think that Islam can coexist with a modern Western state in peace and tranquility did you?  Sorry, but that won't be possible.  Read the Koran to understand why.  Seriously!

Radical Islam Causes Trouble Everywhere

SEE HERE  Actually you don't need the adjective "radical" because Islam is fundamentally radical in the Western sense.  It's basically a "religion" that counsels subjugating your opposition and if they don't subjugate well then killing them.  Not really the "religion of peace" we've all been lied to about.  Sure there are some nice people who self-identify as Muslims, but then they're trying to go along to get along so long as they are not in the majority.  Check the statistics in states where they are in the majority and see how that works for you.