Friday, December 19, 2014

Orwellian Insight

SEE HERE The ten insights here taken from the work of George Orwell are particularly applicable to our time which increasingly looks like the actual realization of the world of his dystopian novel "1984."  From the forever war the the double speak we have it all.  News has become spin and nothing is as it seems.  Big brother is increasingly watching you quite literally via cameras on every street to internet and cell phone surveillance. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Finding God — He's Not Lost, But You Might Be

Klavan and Whittle on a rather fundamental question.

The Betrayal Of The Base ... An Ongoing Tragedy

Here's a Trifecta that points the stick.  Business as usual, GOP Establishment betrayal of the grassroots.  I guess they won't get it until we abandon them entirely.

Who Represents The Grassroots? The People Want Conservative Leadership Not The Robo-Plastic Establishment Zombie Republicans

SEE HERE  Some people keep their promises and fight to restore the republic and then there are the rest of the politicians who just keep passing pork filled spending bills and making pretend noises to try to make people think they give a damn about them.  They don't and it's time they were retired.

When Do We Get A Choice Not An Echo?

SEE HERE The thundering of lies coming from Washington becomes a sustained rumble after a while.  First a Democrat lies, making promises they have no intention of keeping.  Then a Republican lies, making promises they have no intention of keeping.  Then legislation that is full of pork for the sycophants is passed with nary a rumble or quieting of the sustained lying as mantras of "we can't shut down the government — Horrors!"  Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!  The world is too full of such lying self-serving politicians.  Are there no men of honor left?  It seems that the answer is "Very few!"  And those few are constantly under attack as "unrealistic" or "not team players" or "rogues" and so the corruption machine which is what the government has become goes on.