Wednesday, September 17, 2014

There Is No Balance Between Israel and Islam

SEE HERE The choice is between civilization and barbaric savagery. Make no mistake about it.

"The President Golfs ... The World Burns" — Yeah That About Sums It Up

Bill Whittle and the Trifecta crew sum up the situation in response to a NYT column: The Great Unraveling

Bobby Jindal Saying It Like It Is

Listen up ... the governor calls out the president and the progressive left for their incompetence and agenda.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fancy That! Ambassador Obeying Orders From Craven Cowards

SEE HERE Wheels within wheels, webs woven of deceit. We live in a world of liars and deceitful hypocrites who imagine that they are our rulers rather than our servants. And so the descent into the pit continues and the slime oozes ever upward.

The Poverty Scam After Fifty Years

SEE HERE I remember in college reading an editorial by John W. Campbell in Astounding Science Fiction magazine (Campbell was a fascinating guy) in which he wrote about poor people and people who are poor making the distinction that some people will remain poor no matter how much you give them and others are poor because of temporary misfortune and they will lift themselves out of poverty if helped. A friend of mine dismissed the editorial as "social Darwinism" but I think the distinction is valid and the statistics of the War on Poverty show it. We clearly doing it wrong and throwing money at the problem will just waste more money than has already been wasted. In fact we've been destroying the people receiving poverty by giving them the false idea that they are entitled to all the freebies and not making them earn them in some way. We've created an underclass of dependency and false victimhood. All gravy trains come to an end and this one needs to, but the way to end it is to require people who are able to work to earn their way out of poverty. We should always help the truly needy but we should not be empowering the merely lazy. It's a tough call. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch! TANSTAAFL!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Freedom And Coercion In The Politically Correct Universe

I am intensely offended by the idea that people pretending to be offended can sue people. "Political Risk Insurance"? That sounds pretty dicey. We have a government that is now violating the bill of rights on a regular basis. If this goes on we will watch our freedom drain away in the not too distant future. Good luck!

Dereliction Of Duty Across The Board

Benghazi is the poster child for the almost universal dereliction of duty of this administration. Systematic avoidance of reality and intentionally empowering our enemies is not the way to run a country. It's either due to stupidity or malicious treason. Since we're constantly told how smart this administration is then it seems we have no alternative but to conclude the latter.