Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wild Bill Points Out The Obvious

It may be obvious but it seems remarkable how few people comment on the double standard.  White are called racists for all sorts of reasons that have no justification, but the racist acts of black people are just passed over in silence.  But the black community is the one plagued with violence, drug abuse, gangs, and out of control irresponsibility.  Apparently it isn't acceptable to say "Put your house in order before criticizing your neighbor."

Monday, May 11, 2015

Free Speech Doesn't Mean Suppressed Speech

What part of "freedom" don't you understand?  Freedom of speech is about being free to say unpopular, rude, crude, and otherwise offensive things.  Everything is offensive to someone and if you're a savage offensive might be being told that you're a savage because your prophet was a savage and savagery is something you come by naturally for the past almost one and a half millennia.   If you want to remain free you have to defend freedom, especially against those who use disproportional force against ideas they don't like and the expression of those ideas.  When I was a kid my mom taught me that "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me."  Cartoons won't hurt me either.  You need to learn to assess the truth of what is being said and act accordingly.  Truth is what counts.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

This Is Why All Muslims Should Be Exiled From The United States

This "religion" is not to be tolerated.  A Muslim cannot be a faithful American citizen, period.  They should all be packed up and shipped out.  It's obvious.

Liberals Are Just Liars ... It's What They Do. Bill Whittle Offers A Few Examples

You usually can discount things that liberals say because they are just not true often enough to give them any a priori credence.  It's just the truth of the matter that liberals don't bother with the truth.  They just make up narratives to fit their agenda.  Increasingly the media is doing the same thing.  It's harder and harder to discover what is really true as you wade through a sea of lies.

The Smoking Gun? IRS Weaponized Against Individuals, Clearly Political Intimidation Worse Than Watergate

Watch out for the IRS, especially if you're a Conservative.  Of course that doesn't matter right?  Political targeting evident from the IRS records.