Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Truth About Democrats ... You Did Know They Were Liars Didn't You?

The only thing I disagreed with was the condemnation of the Confederate Battle Flag and the meme that it was all about slavery.  Other than that little nit, Bill Whittle nails it.  I'm not saying that slavery was not an issue because it was, but it was very far from the only issue and racism was no less a problem in the North, it just took a different form.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Strong Dose Of Reality While Perversion Is Being Celebrated

SEE HERE Frankly I didn't know all this so I'm a bit dismayed at how poorly our history is taught.  This article focuses on realities of the Civil War that are rarely acknowledged and central to those realities is that the war really was, as the Southerners say, "The War of Northern Aggression."  Since moving to Virginia I've often used that phrase with a certain tone of amusement but over the years I've come to realize how deeply true it was.  It was Lincoln's war and it was not about slavery at all.  It was about Lincoln's hubris I think.  But whatever the reality it certainly was not about the good and virtuous North correcting the sins of the evil and vile South.  If we want to look at virtue in the abstract I think the South has more points by far than the North.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

And Now ... Now ... Now for Hatefacts! The principle cause of liberal tantrums!

I was all enthralled by microaggression when doesn't an email show up citing a new liberal meme that I had not heard of, the hatefact!  Who knew that citing a fact about something that disagreed with a liberal was a new form of hate speech called a hatefact?  I guess noone ever told a liberal that a fact was something true about reality, like the earth is in orbit around the sun or perhaps more on topic homosexuality is not an ontological category but a perversion.  Now we're getting hot.  I think that micro-aggressions must all be examples of hatefacts since by definition they seem to be things that are true that liberals don't like.

The problem is that liberals don't believe things because they are true.  Liberals invent things because they appeal to them emotionally and they don't care if they're true if they make them feel good about themselves.  they also don't care about the unintended consequences of their appeals to unreality.  For example if they succeed in taking down fossil fuels as they are striving to do, they will have succeeded in condemning most of the planet to shorter and more impoverished lives while in fact doing nothing whatsoever to effect climate change.  Now to conclude that one has to go through a network of hatefacts that will make any liberal's mind explode, although mind is an exaggeration.

Liberals get very annoyed with you if you don't agree with them.  I tend to call it the hive mentality although my sister who keeps bees thinks that is a real slam on hardworking bees considering that liberals mostly don't exactly work.  That's too much like labor when what they like to do is emote and do in lots of way that produce revenue.  See Evan Sayet's book The Kindergarden of Eden for a lot more on that theme.  Meanwhile if you don't agree with them they have a tantrum and call you names.  Get used to it.  You can handle it because you're the adult in the room.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Insanity Seems To Be Catching On The Left

This micro-aggression meme is beyond clueless.  There are quite a lot of them and the underlying subtext is racist.  You can't succeed in eliminating racism by continuing to reinforce it by this kind of narrative.  Let's take a few examples from the above list.

1.  When I look at you I don't see color.  The objective as has been articulated for my whole life is to have a color-blind society because, frankly, color is an incidental characteristic, what Aristotle called an acciden.  Color is no part of the essence of a person and pretending it is is the fundamental nature of racism.

2. There is only one race, the human race.  This is in fact an accurate statement.  That means it is true.  Pretending that it is not true is the essence of racism.  So saying it is expressing a truth and claiming it is a "micro-aggression" is a way of sustaining and continuing racism.

3. America is a melting pot.  The idea here has always been to have those who come here embrace American culture and values.  The emphasis on diversity as emphasized by the left is in fact a way of destroying America.  If we can't have a common culture then we will collapse into a bunch of incoherent antagonists.

4. I don't believe in race.  See 2. above because there is no race.  Ask a biologist.  It was this view that there were inferior races that led to things like gas chambers.  The only thing that counts is reality and truth is reality.

5. Denying the experiences of students by questioning the credibility/validity of their stories.  We all tell stories and some of them are more credible and valid than others.  If you can't be questioned than your stories have no real value at all because without questioning you can't distinguish delusion from reality.  Question everything and get some strength of character and learn to defend your stories if they are in fact defensible.

6. I believe the most qualified person should get the job.  And the problem with this is what?  Obviously the subtext is that someone external to the organization wants to dictate how jobs are awarded.  One has to wonder why?  To curry favor with favored groups perhaps?  The only rational way to award jobs is to give them to the most qualified.

7. Of course he'll get tenure, even though he hasn't published much -- He's Black.  I'm not sure why this is here.  In the world of Affirmative Action you can attribute this kind of sentiment to the fact of structured discrimination.  It is unfair to those who earn tenure but is a sentiment that is understandable in a world where color is a factor in awarding benefits.

8. Men and women have equal opportunities for achievement.  Actually this turns on things like the definition of achievement.  It is self-evidently true if it refers to the striving for achievement.  It may not be perfectly true when it comes to measures like actually presence in the various categories like salary or specialty.  An example dear to my heart is computer science.  The statement is true in fact computer science curricula and teachers bend over backwards to encourage and woo women into the programs.  It doesn't work very well although we have stellar performers who are women.  Why?  I don't know.  Apparently women tend not to like computer science as much as men on average.

9. Gender plays no part in who we hire.   This is a statement that is either true or false in different situations.  I suspect that Hooters doesn't hire as many men as waitstaff as women.  The point is that it often is true and you can't just reject it out of hand.  Men are stronger than women for example.  That's a general statement that is almost always true.  It's biological in nature.  So jobs that require a lot of physical strength go disproportionately to men.

10. America is the land of opportunity.  I think this is obviously true.  You don't see any other country with the sheer number of folks striving to enter the country legally or illegally to become part of the most successful country in the history of man in raising the level of people's prosperity.

11. Everyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough.  I think that's just true.  You could multiply examples until you're blue in the face and those who disagree will still point to failures.  But quitting isn't an example of working hard.  We are actually teaching people that if at first they don't succeed, quit!  The adage I was taught was "If at first you don't succeed, try try again."

12. Affirmative Action is racist.  Another statement of fact.  Favoring someone on the basis of race is to award benefits for a characteristic that is an acciden, i.e. a non-essential characteristics.

OK, that's my take on the central column.  I'm fed up with the lying and racism that the left is pushing as if it is true.  They are the racist and this list of micro-aggressions is pretty much all the proof you need.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Face Of Tyranny By Incremental Steps

SEE HERE  Thomas Sowell is at the top of my list of smart folks who know what they are talking about and as usual he nails it when he talks about this latest liberal lunacy, "micro-aggression."  Really?  Now we're supposed to parse every statement into supposed micro-aggression so the wimps on the left can feel good about themselves?  I'm sick of these fools.  That's macro-aggression.  They are fools.  Either they are fools or they are tyrants and since those two categories are not exclusive the most likely thing is that they are fools who are also tyrants.  I am for eliminating such tyrants from positions of influence and power where they are destroying the minds of the young.  But since they already occupy these places, that would be difficult.  So what we need to do is create alternatives and shut them down by out performing them.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Setting The Record Straight! Truth Trumps The Propaganda You've Been Taught

Bill Whittle and PJ T.V. focus in on the distortions being peddled by the left to extract extortion based on phony narratives.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Reality 101: Obama Is a Traitor and Worse He Seems to Have a Lot of Help

SEE HERE  I suppose my main concern is not so much that Obama is a traitor but that he must have so much help.  One man can't do all that much especially one man whose only obvious talent is teleprompter reading.  So the real problem is not Obama, but the fact that Obama is there because a lot of other co-conspirators want him there.  We have a big problem with a government infiltrated with people seeking to take it down or in Obama-speak "fundamentally transform America."  The transformation seems to be proceeding apace with little resistance.  That, in the final analysis, is what is so troubling.  We have huge evidence of treasonous activities and virtually no push back or attempt to reveal, expose, and prosecute those who are guilty.  Now that is troubling!