Thursday, November 27, 2014

Reality 101: Take Responsibility For Your Life

You're not a victim unless you make yourself a victim.  Personal responsibility is the key to success, that and the initiative to pick yourself up and try again.  My mom used to say that success comes to those who work at it.  G.K. Chesterton said, "Anything worth doing is worth doing badly."  Don't quit because you're not successful the first time.  Pick yourself up and get back to work.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

So Was It A Set Up? Or Just A Failure Of Leadership?

SEE HERE What is the point of calling up the National Guard if you don't intend to use them?  How is it that such predictable violence was allowed to go on and go on largely unrestrained.  You don't suppose it could have been planned this way?  Well, frankly, that's what it looks like.  Never let a crisis go to waste and if it can be made bigger to gain traction why then make it bigger.  This administration is all about thuggery.  That's their MO.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ben Shapiro Offers A Thanksgiving Reflection!

Andrew Klavan Is Amazingly Inciteful

Of course this was a rejection of the leftist stupid folks that dominate the totally corrupt, lying marxist morons who want to run everything because they think they are so smart.  Or maybe they just want the power, control, and graft.  Pretty much the same thing.

When Will The Media Be Held To Account For Their Irresponsibility

SEE HERE  This whole Ferguson thing might not have gotten out of hand the way it has were the news media been more responsible and not stirred the coals by reporting racist and inaccurate accounts of what happened.  The whole storyline that Michael Brown, all 6'4" and 289 pounds of him was just a poor innocent teenager was immediate contradicted by video footage of him strong arming and stealing from a local store.  Instead of getting the truth the news media fomented disorder and rioting.  There should be some remedy at law for their irresponsibility.

Justice In Done And Ferguson Erupts In Violence And Looting

SEE HERE I guess this isn't a surprise.  The irrational response on the part of the black community in Ferguson shows how divided we are.  Michael Brown's death was a tragedy mostly because of what he might have been rather than what he was.  Given his behavior towards legitimate authority and what it appears he was doing before the attack on the officer and how he reacted during the attack the outcome was predictable.  Had the officer not fired Brown would have pounded him into the ground and his life was definitely in danger.  I'm sorry for the family, but I'm even sorrier that they didn't bring up their son to be respectful of authority and a good citizen.  The problem is not in the non-black community.  It is clearly a problem in the black community that harbors hatred, racism against the whites who are used to excuse all the bad behavior, and a failure to embrace upright morals and virtue and instead allow themselves to be victimized and played by the race manipulators.  It is tragic and it's intentional on the part of the manipulators.  The black community needs to wake up and stop blaming others for their own failings.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Renewable Energy ... Sorry But It Doesn't Really Work

SEE HERE  I suppose the time may come when there is something called "renewable energy" that actually works.  In the meantime the expression is just the name for something that is impossible inefficient, doesn't work worth a damn, and leaves you with just as large a carbon footprint as you had before.  Besides since the "carbon footprint" is itself a lie, what's the point?