Friday, April 18, 2014

Government Should Get Out Of The Way Not Facilitate Blocking Market Entry

Voter Fraud Is A Big Problem ... The More You Try To Stop It The More The Left Squeals Like Pigs

  They would not squeal so much if they weren't afraid that they'll be caught.  Face it.  They have been stealing elections for generations.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Casualties At The Bundy Ranch: BLM Thugs Killed Many Bundy Cows For No Obvious Reason

SEE HERE  This is just plain disgusting.  The Federal government can't exercise good stewardship about anything and it's time they are shut down in functions that require stewardship.  What a pathetic bunch of thugs.

The Idea That Al Qaeda Is Done Not So True

  Here they go again.  I'm still wondering about this Malaysian Boeing-777 ... are we really sure it is down in the ocean?  In any case these folks still don't have our best interests at heart but our president seems to continue his encouragement of Islamic jihadists with funding and empowerment.  What could go wrong?

The Irrationality of Atheists Up Close And Personal

I thought this was pretty amusing and makes the point pretty well that atheism is an irrational position, especially the "offense" atheists claim to feel about those who disagree with them.  I can understand being offended that you got so many fewer neurons than your neighbors who are smart enough to understand that God exists.  I suppose as the neuron count goes down it finally reaches a level when all you can do is emote.  Thinking is no longer an option since it would consume enough neurons to take you into cardiac arrest.

IRS Targeting Went Further Than Anyone Imagined

SEE HERE  The government was not only weaponizing the IRS but were striving to weaponize the DOJ.  We are seeing under this administration a serious attempt to using Executive Department agencies to foster political suppression and oppression of their enemies.  This is what tyranny looks like.  We should stand up and get a lot of these folks some serious prison time.  If you want to live in a free society free from fear of your government you have to make this kind of behavior unthinkable.

Thomas Sowell On Uncommon Knowledge

Thomas Sowell is always worth listening to and learning from.  He's one of my collection of "clear minds."  I try to learn from people who are penetrating in their clarity.  Thomas Sowell is a gem in this collection.