Monday, January 14, 2013

Of Course They're For Sale ... Are They Politicians? Are They Democrats?

SEE HERE If I were making a model of behavior one of the parameters would be susceptibility to bribery.  It would be in the honesty constellation.  It's like the old joke about saying would you go to bed with me for a million dollars ... "Sure" well how about for $20?  "What do you take me for?"  "We've established that now we're just haggling over the price."

Sadly the whole government seems thoroughly saturated with corruption.  It isn't a left/right things or a Democrat / Republican thing ... although truth be told I'm inclined to bet that the parameters when determined would show Democrats as much more guilty of it than Republicans.  But that's to be expected since Democrats really don't have any standards.  It's as Sarah Palin said, "If it weren't for double standards 'Democrats' would have no standards at all."  Well she actually said 'liberals' but since Democrats is a sub-set of liberals the quote still applies.

The real question is whether we're ever going to hold our elected officials to any ethical standards at all?  MORE

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