Monday, January 23, 2012

Dumb and Dumber ...

SEE HERE I've often taken the position that the biggest problem we have is caused by the fact that people are so economically ignorant.  They quite literally believe that money grows on trees ... the government just prints it and magic occurs and everyone can be employed or not as they like.  The food will magically appear in the grocery stores, the fuel will magically appear at the pumps, cars will magically roll off the assembly lines, and everyone will live the good life and no-one really has to work.  Wow!  What a delusion!  But that's what it comes down to.  That isn't just a misunderstanding about economics, it's a sheer commitment to stupidity.  Do they teach people anything in the schools?  Apparently not if they can believe that a government job is ever productive of anything but trouble.  The bigger the government becomes the more your freedom shrinks until finally everyone is both poor and enslaved.  That's the reality, but do we actually have to go there or isn't reading about it as it has happened before in the history books enough?  Oh, I guess that means you have to have read the history books.  Epic Fail!

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