Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How Is What Obama Is Doing Different From Collaborating With An Enemy Of The United States?

SEE HERE  Frankly that is the concern of those who object to the negotiations with Iran.  The Obama administration has shown a remarkable tendency to negotiate with enemies of the United States and getting nothing in return for large concessions.  Cuba for example.  Or virtually all the Middle East activities that have left ISIS with millions of dollars worth of U.S. military equipment.  It's hard to see how a worse result could have been achieved than those accomplished by this administration.  In view of these things it is prudent of Congress to point out that the president can't independently negotiate a treaty with a foreign power.  I'm personally pretty convinced that this president is a traitor.  Everything he does seems to backfire to the disadvantage of the United States and as my father used to counsel me: "It is just as hard to be wrong all the time as to be right all the time."  I think it is intentional and treasonous.  Tyranny Rising!

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