Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hillary Is Covering Her Tracks As Fast As Possible

She disobeys the rules ... this is new?  Not really.  You really need to check out THIS.  Hillary Clinton's signature move is always to lie. 


  1. Hillary flaunting the law? What else is new?

  2. Hillary may have done it this time as she clearly broke several laws, including some she was supposed to enforce as the Secretary of State.

    Those emails she thinks she deleted are still in that server hard drive as she has not run it long enough for it to be writing over deleted inputs. It has to use up all the fresh, formatted tracks first and at the rate she was using it, assuming only one terabyte, it would take 2200 years for her to get to the point where it was writing over her old posts. This time she has caught her breast in a Mangle.

  3. I suspect that hard drive may be history, but it all depends on how she's having the server maintained. If the server people are as clueless as she is it might still be around. In fact if I worked for Hillary Clinton I'd make sure I had it stashed somewhere in case she turned on me. We shall see. I think her emails would be fascinating. Kind of like watching how cockroaches live in the hoard.