Friday, November 20, 2015

The Culture of Death Exposed To The Spotlight Of Truth

Reality 101: The Business of Death Masquerading As Healthcare
Full Program:
Part 1 - Framing the Issues 
Part 2 - Proportionalism as a "Virus"
Part 3 - Repackaging Death as Life
Part 4 - Using False Death and Palliative Care to End Life and Take Organs 
Part 4 cont.
Part 5 - The Role of Community Organizing in Spreading the Culture of Death 
Part 6 - Trojan Horse Legislation and the Bureaucratic Takeover of Palliative Care

I attended this conference this past weekend and it was an eye opening revelation.  The language meisters are always spinning the language to make good appear evil and evil appear good so that it's really no surprise when you discover that you've been lied to over and over and over again.  Still a big dose of revelation all in one weekend is sobering.  These are the presentations and they are compelling and revealing.  We live in "interesting" times, or perhaps more accurately decadent and scary times.  I've recently adopted the slogan: TRUTH: The Ultimate Macro-Aggression.  The liars hate the truth because it exposes their lies.

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