Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How Long Can We Endure? Send Us Good Leaders

SEE HERE How long must we endure oh Lord?  That might be the beginning of the prayer that free Americans send up to God like incense from the altar of oppression.  We have endured six years of a disastrous presidency initiated by the good intentions of many Americans who wanted to not be seen as racists and so elected a man with no credentials and a background that was intensely hostile to the United State with a political philosophy grounded in communism and socialism, a man who had no respect for the life of the unborn or for the traditions and institutions of America.  We game him the benefit of the doubt and he disappointed us, becoming the most divisive president in our nation's history and dedicated to a "fundamental transformation of America" that would send us back to some form of nineteenth century collectivism crippling the economy and impoverishing all Americans.  We don't have a lot of time to fix this so please Lord send us leaders of virtue and foresight who will help to save our nation.

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