Sunday, May 24, 2009

Always Remember

My generation sacrificed their treasure and their blood for the freedom of the people of South Vietnam. We were betrayed by our government and the very people who now sit so smug in Washington. The media betrayed us. The government betrayed us. The politicians betrayed us. We were forced to lose a war we had won and the Vietnamese people were abandoned and thrown away in a false peace and a disgraceful Nobel prize for a treaty that was a betrayal.

Another generation is now about to be betrayed. When are we going to learn the lesson and take back the government on the basis of principles instead of personalities? When will honor again mean something in the land? I have grown old and cynical watching the people constantly lied to and constantly betrayed and Moloch raised once more to rule the land. The smoke and stench of corruption reeks out of Washington as they wring their hands crying compassion and wring our necks with growing taxes and shrinking values. They point fingers at others, but they are the ones who are guilty. We need a lot more of these valiant men and women and a whole lot fewer of those who send them off to die.

Semper Fi!

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