Saturday, February 16, 2013

Guns You Might Want To Consider and Safes Too

WATCH A free man is an armed man.  This is a great little video introducing a range of firearms that you might want to consider if you're just arming up.  I should point out that gun ownership is a serious responsibility and not a casual acquisition.  You should learn about your firearms and get involved at a gun range learning to be proficient in their use.  You should also make sure that you store them out of the range of children and give children a reasonable respect, but not an irrational fear of firearms.  We have society that is being propagandized to think that firearms are the problem.  The problem is a society that demonizes inanimate objects by instilling irrational fears for the purpose of controlling the population.  That's softening you up for tyranny.

I will always appreciate my father introducing me to firearms.  He lettered in pistol and rifle at the Naval Academy and was an ordnance officer on the cruiser Detroit at Pearl Harbor when the attack took place.  As a citizen of a free republic you have an obligation and duty to take on the responsibilities that citizenship involves.  Those responsibilities include recognizing that you may well be the last defense against tyranny as a member of the general armed militia, the duty of every able-bodied man and woman is to defend the Constitution and the rule of law.

If you end up making a substantial investment in firearms you'll probably want to consider storage.  A friend of mine who has many firearms of substantial value invested in a safe.  The safe is helpful if you have firearms that are expensive and then you put them altogether in one place you want that place protected.  WATCH HERE for information on safes.

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