Monday, February 18, 2013

Van Jones Spinning Against Republicans

I actually enjoyed this little video segment.  Van Jones made a couple of statements that I disagree with and they are that Democrats understand the economy and Republicans don't.  The other one was about climate change (the new term for global warming since it hasn't actually been warming since about 1998).

The issues are fairly straightforward either the economy is endangered by printing unbacked money willynilly or not.  History says you can't spend your way out of debt.  So good luck on that one.

The climate warming thing keeps going around and around the leftists trying to spin it up into some sort of emergency when actually they can't even show that it's caused by human beings or even if it is anything but the latest trend in the weather.  The reality of the idea that CO2 is a driver is just not very well supported, not theoretically, not empirically, and not based on long term ice core records which show CO2 lagging temperature rises.  He briefly invoked the precautionary principle which says well if it might happen we should do something to prevent it because the alternative would be awful.

It's strange how they don't invoke the precautionary principle in the case of abortion.  Well if it might be a child we shouldn't kill it because if it is we're committing murder.  I really can't stand hypocrites.  The precautionary principle should preclude abortion.  In the case of climate change, aside from loud rhetoric, they can't show any reason to be alarmed.  They actually have to exaggerate the results from their climate models even to get anything to talk about.  So they inject false to fact positive feedback forcings and ignore probable negative feedback to get extra oomph in their models.  In other words they fudge the data to get what they want.  That's agenda driven science and it isn't science at all.

So Van Jone, articulate as he is, is a double fail.  He doesn't understand economics and his view on climate change is what you'd expect from someone who is pushing the agenda to give the government more power.

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