Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feel Good Legislation

SEE HERE There is already a background check system in place for people who buy guns. It's not as effective as it might be but then it's trying to slam closed a door that isn't really the problem. Most of the gun ownership that is a problem is the guns in the hands of criminals and the vast majority of those folks, almost 80% get their guns illegally in the first place. This five page pdf file from the NRA details the facts. It's too bad that so much of our legislation isn't about facts but about perceptions and trying to manipulate the public. "Assault weapons bans" when what is being banned is ordinary semi-automatic rifles as an example. The whole gun control discourse is really about imposing tyranny and overturning the 2nd amendment. If you are a student of history you'll find that this has never really worked out well in the past. It isn't even working out all that well for the British and the Australians who have seen their crime rates skyrocket after imposing strict gun laws. Criminals are always empowered when they have reason to believe their victims will be defenseless.

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