Monday, February 25, 2013

Media Trying To Manipulate The Process

SEE HERE This is of course Media Hype 101. Cuccinelli must be an extremist because those bad evil conservative grassroots Tea Party people like him. When are we going to have a return to principles and not pretend that politics is only about grandstanding and demagoguery. This piece features Bill Bolling as a grey candidate, uninspiring until the golden media frocks him as a possible third party candidate. I think the reality is that Terry McAuliffe is the grey candidate with nothing to offer but the usual liberal tax and spend us to destruction tactics. If Bolling chooses to mount a third party candidacy he will only succeed in proving that he can draw off the RINOs and possibly cause Cuccinelli to lose. He won't win and will only earn the title of traitor. He was already off the reservation with McDonnell when he thought he and the governor could manipulate the process and control the nomination. If proved at the time they made the deal that neither of them was really a conservative. When are people going to figure out that the state and nation will only flourish when men and women of principle are in the elected positions designed to serve the people not enslave them.

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