Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Most Offensive People On The Planet Are Liberals

I love all the offended cards that liberals play, poor whiny babies that they are.  They are offended by any mention of morality, any encouragement to self-discipline, any statement about truth, especially eternal truth, and frankly anything that contradicts them.  This is the behavior of two year olds.  That's what a liberal is, a two year old in an adult body.  Sad how their development has been arrested.  Offend them enough and they might wake up, but I rather doubt it you racist, homophobe, bigoted, right-wing nut, did I mention racist followed by filthy language I would not repeat.  But of course I'm not supposed to be offended.  That's a luxury reserved to the two year olds on the left.  They are pretty funny most of the time but should not be allowed near the operating controls of government.

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