Monday, June 9, 2014

The Lord of the Bees

SEE HERE  Normally I would pass on a story about bees, but my sister has recently become a bee-keeper and it is fascinating to see her commitment to the little industrious critters making honey and beeswax for her.  This story is about violating the rights of a bee keeper as an American citizen who should not be subject to unannounced searches and the seizure of his property without due process.  Interestingly he had a strain of bees that were resistant to Monsanto's Roundup.  That seems to play into the story.  I think it's outrageous that this man's hives were stolen by the state.  I hope he has the means to stick them with a major lawsuit.  Meanwhile, why would anyone be surprised that insects are beginning to become resistant to chemicals.  It's what animals do.  It's called natural selection.


  1. Hmm...I filled out a national survey on bees and now I'm sorry I did. Can't remember whether it was just a zip code identity or whether they asked for name and address. Think I won't do that again. The government abuse just goes on and on. American Foulbrood is pretty rare. My 50+ year beekeeping mentor who kept hundreds of hives and transported them up and down the valley to pollinate the apple orchards only had two colonies infected in his entire career.

  2. It is no longer safe to trust the government on anything. I would counsel passive resistance and non-cooperation. MYOB as mom used to say ("Mind Your Own Business") and lay low.