Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Truth Trumps Stupidity, Even Liberal Stupidity

SEE HERE  Here are ten truths we all need to learn so that they are on the forefront of our minds when we are making important decisions.
1. Government cannot create wealth, jobs, or income. 
2. Income inequality does not affect the economy.
3. Low wages are not corporate exploitation.
4. Environmental over-regulation is a regressive tax that falls hardest on the poor
5. Education is not a public good
6. High CEO pay is no worse than high pay to athletes or movie stars. 
7. Consumer spending is not what drives the economy. 
8. When government provides things for free, they will end up being low quality, cost more than they should, and may disappear when most needed
9. Government cannot correct cosmic injustice
10. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

For expanded treatments of these ten points click the link and read the article.  Liberals are long on rhetoric and short on reality and common sense.  Ultimately they posture and pose as the good guys when in fact they are mostly in it for themselves and for no-one else.  Now that isn't true of all, just of most and there are no shortage of selfish and self-centered people on the conservative side.  The difference is that the conservatives have a larger and wider perspective and realize that ultimately if you destroy the society you destroy yourselves as well.  The liberals either don't pay attention to that or don't care.       

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