Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bacon Rocks -- I'm Offended By Muslims, Poor Babies Whining Over Bacon

SEE HERE  If I were a Muslim (an impossible concept) I'd feel bad about not being able to eat bacon too.  But of course it is due to a decision I made and that's my personal responsibility.  I have no right to try to impose my silly obsession with bacon on others.  Get over it!  Unfortunately Islam is not only not a religion of peace, but it is a religion that seeks to impose its will on all regardless of whether they like it or not.  Now that really is offensive.  So Muslims, I'm offended by your intolerance and bigotry and hate, by your beheadings, and murders of the innocent, and frankly by your insane religion beliefs that are self-contradictory and vicious.  Why should I care if you are offended by a secular state that counsels mutual tolerance?

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