Sunday, September 7, 2014

In The Interest Of Full Disclosure ... Know Your Anti-israel Professors

SEE HERE I'm so sick and tired of covert bias slipped into discourse as if it is the result of careful research. The national racism that ostracizes the White population claiming White privilege while in fact actively destroying the Black communities by breaking up Black families and creating a subculture that is viciously violent and then blames it on the non-Black population as if their existence makes young Black males kill each other. We live in a society with sickos who are actively striving to divide the society along racial, economic, and educational lines, creating division and hatred to allow them to impose control. It's time to stop it while we still have a country. There are eternal principles we should unite around and support and they don't include dividing ourselves up into artificial conclaves of victim-hood or presumed privilege. Full disclosure of your biases when you're involved in discourse is helpful. It shows people that you know where you're coming from and they know it too.

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