Monday, September 1, 2014

Five Questions For You Liberal Friends ...

SEE HERE The five questions are reasonable although any expectation that you'll ever receive a reasonable answer is pretty over the top.  Most likely, no matter how civilly you offer these questions the discourse will soon devolve into a dismissal card game as you're accused of being a bigot or worse for even bringing up the subjects.  Here the questions are in skeletal form, see the article for more:
(1) Do you believe public employee unions have been a constructive force in American society or a destructive one?
(2) Are you for MORE government in American lives, or LESS government?
(3) Would you consider the “war on poverty” of the last fifty years to have been a success?
(4) Do you like big money in politics or dislike it?
(5) Does the economy function better with greater regulation or less regulation?

Good luck with this.  Good questions whose answers should be illuminating.

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