Sunday, September 7, 2014

Moral Depravity: The Problem Of Our Times

SEE HERE You know, morals? Right versus Wrong? Old fashioned thinking right. If it feels good do it. It must be right because it feels so good. Was that a song lyric or just something some pot-head said as he came out of a drug inflicted high? I don't know but I'm a big fan of C.S. Lewis and he wrote a wonderful address which he gave as his inaugural address at Cambridge in 1954.

It was later circulated as an audio in his own voice called The Great Divide. The original presentation was called "de descriptione temporum" — In this address he pointed out how far we had come, downhill, from the time of Jane Austen and Sir Walter Scott when virtue meant something to people and shame still existed. He was already noticing the collapse in 1954.

No doubt the stench of dead body collection from Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia had something to do with it as well as all the starving Armenians. The 20th century witnessed the culmination of that great collapse of morals called the Enlightenment and it is still underway. The only question I suppose is how deep into the sewer we have to go before we can start to climb out again?

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