Thursday, January 22, 2015

It's All A Game Of "Who Do Your Trust?"

SEE HERE I remember the conversation.  I was walking across an aircraft hanger at the Naval Air Development Center where I was a student trainee talking with another student trainee.  We were wondering if anyone at all really understood the complexity of the advanced avionics military aircraft systems that were being developed.  The P-3 ANEW program was underway there at the time.

My fellow trainee said, "My father says it's all a game of Who Do You Trust?"  We talked about that a little and I concluded that it was a universal principle.  It was right up there with the fundamental question and the fundamental answer.  The fundamental question is: "How do you know that?" and the fundamental answer is: "It depends."  Since the most common basis for holding any knowledge is authority the question Who Do You Trust? becomes fundamental to what you believe.

Finally there is one additional principle I should mention: Never Be Afraid To Admit You Might Be Wrong.  You might call that the principle of existential doubt.   Hundreds of millions of people have been murdered by people loyal to blind ideologies in the 20th century than ever before.  It shows no signs of ending. 

(I suppose I should say something about the link.  This reflection was triggered by the fact that the RNC has appointed a person to a position of influence who doesn't share fundamental Republican principles.  Is that a big surprise?  Maybe not.  It is a cause to bring of the question Who Do You Trust?)

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