Thursday, January 31, 2013

Allen West on Greta

SEE HERE Greta and Allen have a discussion on the latest economic news.  The economy actually shrank!  The response of the Democrats is to blame the Republicans while the Democrats have not passed a budget in four years and show now signs of trying to pass one.  This is not politics so much as criminal malfeasance in office.  The Democrats control the Senate and the White House but it's the Republican's fault?  This blame game that the Democrats play is the result of their failed principles, none of which work and all of which lead directly to the kinds of results we've been getting.  Moreover they were to blame for the bad results in the Bush years as well.  It was then the Democrat controlled Congress that followed irresponsible economic policies and brought on the housing bubble.  The problem is that when you act on economic principles that are not true you get bad results.  The video points out that Arthur Laffer, the economist the Democrats love to hate, along with Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams helped Reagan achieve over 7% real GDP growth ... let's not play the blame game.  Instead let's recognize that when you have failed policies it's time to change course and do something different.  Cut the overregulation, reduce spending, cut taxes and recharge the economy instead of being the biggest parasite on the block.

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