Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum — Liberalism Is A Mental Disease

SEE HERE Is it possible to return to sanity? This whole gun demonization thing is quite insane. There was never anything wrong with westerns or cap pistols, or squirt guns or bubble guns for that matter. How about nerf guns?

The lunatics that have captured the schools and discipline children for imaginary crimes are actually destroying children for no reason at all but their failure to have any common sense. I've been watching this get worse and worse for a number of years. They suspend people on the flimsiest of motives for imaginary nonsense that is just playing as if they are doing something wrong and then they wonder why kids don't know the difference between what is really wrong and the nonsense they've been told is wrong.

When you teach children nonsense you get children that also don't have any common sense. The advice I'd give any parent is get your kids out of the system and into something that is solidly grounded in virtue and reason. Homeschool if you can but don't sacrifice your kids at the public school. Find a church related school or some kind of school cooperative. The public schools are cesspools of violence, immorality and something resembling insanity.

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