Monday, January 14, 2013

Understand What Is Going On — If You Fail Your Children And Your Children's Children Will Pay The Price

SEE HERE There is something in the air, a kind of stench darkening the sky.  Near my house is  a large tree without leaves this time of year and in the tree quite frequently in the morning the buzzards land and have a convocation.  If it's been misty they even spread their wings.  It is an amazing sight these large and rather ominous looking birds.

We have our own buzzards in America.  They're called liberal progressives, Marxists and Communists, Socialists and reformers and they share a common ideology.  They don't really like freedom.  They think things would be much better if everything was centrally controlled.  They know what is best for you and you better darn well appreciate it.  They want to tell you what to eat, what car to drive, what size house to live in, whether you can mow your lawn or have a garden.  They create indoctrination programs for your children in the schools and they discourage the teaching of the great works of the past in favor of the latest propaganda.

They don't like to be disagreed with so they have created political correctness and accuse you of insensitivity if you don't spout the party line.  Freedom of speech that disagrees with them is hate speech.  They want to curtail your freedom.  They say you have the right to worship where you please but not to speak about God or morals and certainly not to be judgmental of those that violate your narrow view of morals informed by principle and scripture when it disagrees with their gospel of pleasure seeking and killing of the unborn.

They want to take your freedom and impose their own vision, a vision that has failed over and over wherever it has been tried.  But they think they are smarter when they do it again it will work and they'll have to kill fewer rather than the tens of millions each of their earlier heroes had to kill.

The only thing standing in their way is an armed citizenry.  So you can understand why they are eager to take your guns.  It's for your own good they say.  They'll take care you, just like they took care of the Armenians, the Jews, the Kulaks, the Cambodians, the Chinese Cultural Revolution just for starters.  With so much evidence one has to realize that this kind of thing is a form of mental illness, a mindless hubris that left to fester will rise again and do what it has always done.

The lesson of history, taught over and over again, is that free men are better off than centrally planned and controlled conformist ideological states in the hands of an elite who fancy themselves superior to the common man.  An armed man is a free man and a citizen.  An unarmed man is a subject and soon enough a slave.

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