Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Purpose of the Bill of Rights — Non-Negotiable Freedoms

SEE HERE It's clear enough that liberals are statists and tyrant wannabes at the very least.  They don't give a fig for the Constitution and would not understand true freedom if they could get their neuron supply up to critical mass to think about it.  Their only interest is in control and they don't care anything about principles, law, or anything else that would limit them.  Red State nails it when they point out once again that the 2nd amendment is not about hunting or any of the other red herrings that the Democrats like to throw out.  It is about the freedoms we all value and making sure they can not be easily taken away.  An armed society is a solid and credible defense against tyranny.  An unarmed society is a group of victims waiting to be enslaved.

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