Tuesday, February 12, 2013

As Lousy As The LAPD May Be Christopher Dorner Is Worse

SEE HERE The behavior of the LAPD over the past few days has demonstrated the lack of concern they apparently have for the law and for ordinary citizen. They freely pumped round, forty at least, into the truck of a couple of ladies delivering newspapers and put both of them in the hospital. Then they rammed the vehicle of another fellow and pumped a few rounds into his vehicle. He was luckier than the ladies since he wasn't wounded and they are lucky to be alive. Meanwhile Christopher Dorner is on the loose and his beef is that he thinks he was unfairly treated by the LAPD and so he killed innocent people MORE. His behavior suggests that he is guilty of lacking judgment and morality. The sooner he himself is brought to justice the better. Meanwhile the LAPD needs to be more professional, a lot more professional. STILL MORE The lack of moral balance in this affair is stunning. Dorner's complaint is that he heard people use racist language and that he was discriminated against when he reported another officer's wrongful actions. To remedy this he chose to murder innocent people and another police officer. There is no moral equity here.


  1. Next for Dorner is the White House announcing a Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony to recognize 'outstanding achievement in the field of Social Justice.'

  2. The whole thing is already over the top. Let's not move to dystopian fantasy.