Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Betrayal ... the President ... Really? What Did You Expect?

SEE HERE When are we going to stop pretending that anything coming out of this president's mouth is worth listening to. He lies. Then he lies again. Then he triples down on his lies. No one calls him to account. Frankly it feels like I'm living in some sort of bizarro fantasy land where nothing is as it seems. The Ft. Hood shooter should have been tried and shot long ago. His victims have been shabbily treated ... how dare they live through it. Last night in the SOTU address the president did the victims on display thing again as he trumped up emotion to try to ban perfectly reasonable firearms. Liberty is on the line and if we don't do something about it this president seems focused on ending the American dream and putting a police state in its place. He's well underway.

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