Sunday, February 10, 2013

Downton Abbey

SEE HERE Well I guess I have to admit it. I'm a Downton Abbey addict and I'm quite happy to hear that there will be a fourth season. On the other hand I gather Matthew won't be with us for the whole fourth season and that's disturbing. How will they handle his departure? The marvelous thing about Downton Abbey is how is evokes such a sense of period and style. The acting is beyond good. It's suburb with all sorts those small things that make film more subtle than stage acting. I love the scenes where the valets, unseen by those they are dressing, are reacting to what is going on. I like the way the ladies use little quirky, momentary facial expressions to communicate subtle reactions that have to be interpreted by the audience. And Maggie Smith is just terrific. If you are not hooked by Downton Abbey you need to go back and fix that. We watched season one on Netflix, got hooked, and then watched season two on Amazon Prime, and now we've been tracking season three and know we will struggle to cover the gap until season four arrives at our shores.

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