Friday, February 1, 2013

In A Nutshell

SEE HERE Here's a good summary of the concerns going around given all the peculiar things this administration seems to be doing. I'll be quite frank in giving my opinion. I think that the data about President Obama overwhelmingly points to only one conclusion and that is that he's bent, as he says himself, on the fundamental transformation of America. What does that mean? Well among other things he's said is that he wants to have a domestic police force as powerful as the American military. That is hugely troubling because the Federal government does not have police powers because they're only supposed to have limited powers. The only time they have jurisdiction is when a crime crosses state lines. But now we have an American Gestapo, the DHS, which is doing many troubling things.

The scenarios:
1) the Soft Scenario would be that he is engineering crises designed to give the Federal government more and more power which will cumulatively bring on the implementation of a pervasive socialist state.  Liberals have been advancing this agenda for generations. 

2) the Hard Scenario would be that he's working to precipitate a large scale emergency designed to bring on a crisis so large as to warrant the declaration of martial law and then impose a dictatorship directly.  His economic moves and his heavy push for gun control are examples which could have this effect cumulatively.  This would explain most of the actions the administration is taking ranging from detention camps, large acquisitions of ammunition (billions of rounds ... Hello!) and the practice in urban areas of urban terrorist suppression, as well as the acquisition of armored personnel carriers and gun platforms being deployed in American streets.

3) the Null Scenario would be that it's all spin up from ordinary things being misconstrued on the internet.  I find this very implausible since we have his own words, his own background, and the backgrounds of those he has appointed which all point to scenarios (1) or (2).  We shall see!

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