Thursday, February 7, 2013

So When Is The Question, Not If?

SEE HERE Monetary collapse is the issue. With lots of quantitative easing (printing money without backing) going on worldwide it's hard to see how run away inflation will be avoided. Of course if everyone is printing money than exchange rates might not change much but you'll still have all that monopoly money chasing too few goods and prices could simply explode. It's hard to tell what to do about it, especially if you're a little guy like most of us. Buy things of intrinsic value is a strategy. China is buying gold like crazy. Meanwhile you ought to be thinking about what to do. Tough question. You can thank the government for not pursuing a real solution but instead exacerbating the problem. Then when things go South those 1.6 million rounds of ammo DHS has been buying might be aimed at you just to keep you under control while they finish robbing whatever little you have left.

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