Saturday, June 27, 2015

And Now ... Now ... Now for Hatefacts! The principle cause of liberal tantrums!

I was all enthralled by microaggression when doesn't an email show up citing a new liberal meme that I had not heard of, the hatefact!  Who knew that citing a fact about something that disagreed with a liberal was a new form of hate speech called a hatefact?  I guess noone ever told a liberal that a fact was something true about reality, like the earth is in orbit around the sun or perhaps more on topic homosexuality is not an ontological category but a perversion.  Now we're getting hot.  I think that micro-aggressions must all be examples of hatefacts since by definition they seem to be things that are true that liberals don't like.

The problem is that liberals don't believe things because they are true.  Liberals invent things because they appeal to them emotionally and they don't care if they're true if they make them feel good about themselves.  they also don't care about the unintended consequences of their appeals to unreality.  For example if they succeed in taking down fossil fuels as they are striving to do, they will have succeeded in condemning most of the planet to shorter and more impoverished lives while in fact doing nothing whatsoever to effect climate change.  Now to conclude that one has to go through a network of hatefacts that will make any liberal's mind explode, although mind is an exaggeration.

Liberals get very annoyed with you if you don't agree with them.  I tend to call it the hive mentality although my sister who keeps bees thinks that is a real slam on hardworking bees considering that liberals mostly don't exactly work.  That's too much like labor when what they like to do is emote and do in lots of way that produce revenue.  See Evan Sayet's book The Kindergarden of Eden for a lot more on that theme.  Meanwhile if you don't agree with them they have a tantrum and call you names.  Get used to it.  You can handle it because you're the adult in the room.

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