Saturday, June 13, 2015

Reality 101: Obama Is a Traitor and Worse He Seems to Have a Lot of Help

SEE HERE  I suppose my main concern is not so much that Obama is a traitor but that he must have so much help.  One man can't do all that much especially one man whose only obvious talent is teleprompter reading.  So the real problem is not Obama, but the fact that Obama is there because a lot of other co-conspirators want him there.  We have a big problem with a government infiltrated with people seeking to take it down or in Obama-speak "fundamentally transform America."  The transformation seems to be proceeding apace with little resistance.  That, in the final analysis, is what is so troubling.  We have huge evidence of treasonous activities and virtually no push back or attempt to reveal, expose, and prosecute those who are guilty.  Now that is troubling!

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