Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Face Of Tyranny By Incremental Steps

SEE HERE  Thomas Sowell is at the top of my list of smart folks who know what they are talking about and as usual he nails it when he talks about this latest liberal lunacy, "micro-aggression."  Really?  Now we're supposed to parse every statement into supposed micro-aggression so the wimps on the left can feel good about themselves?  I'm sick of these fools.  That's macro-aggression.  They are fools.  Either they are fools or they are tyrants and since those two categories are not exclusive the most likely thing is that they are fools who are also tyrants.  I am for eliminating such tyrants from positions of influence and power where they are destroying the minds of the young.  But since they already occupy these places, that would be difficult.  So what we need to do is create alternatives and shut them down by out performing them.

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