Friday, January 11, 2013

Civility? Liberal Speak For Shut Up, I'm The Only One Allowed To Have An Opinion Here

SEE HERE  The notion that "civility" should characterize debate is a good one.  But it is interesting that it rarely does.  The reality is that increasingly any debate is seen as the received wisdom purveyed by one side against irrationality on the other.  Generally the received wisdom is not wise and the irrationality may well be perfectly rational, only conflicting with the unwise received wisdom.  This is something that plays out on all sides of the political spectrum and speaks not as much to the incivility of our society, although it is, as to the ignorance of our society which it most surely is.  We live today in a society of the brainwashed who have been indoctrinated and not education.  The result is that they find it impossible to engage in critical thinking and rather easily devolve into namecalling and "incivility" and it cuts both ways.  The important thing is to have data, reasons and principles from which you draw conclusions rather than conclusions with high sounding goals but no underpinning of thought.  As a man of the right, it is my perception that the left is most guilty of this, but in fairness it is not an inherently right or left thing, but rather a sloppy thinking thing.

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