Monday, May 20, 2013

Intimidation Works — At Least Sometimes

SEE HERE I'm more inclined to think that the election was stolen by carefully targeted voter fraud but there is no doubt that intimidation of the Tea Party likely had some effect as well.  The thugs who are now in charge are all about intimidation and corruption.  Someone needs to do a study of all these "green" companies that were given hundreds of millions of federal dollars and then just dried up and blew away.  That whole process simply reeks of corruption.  We have a government today which is engaged in entirely too much political intimidation and power brokering.  We either push back and push back hard, or get ready for the chains and balls and the slamming iron gates of the Gulag to clack into place and slam shut.  When tyranny triumphs it is a lot harder to recover freedom than pushing back while Tyranny Rising!

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