Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Convention Protest Against Largest Tax Raise In Virginia History

SEE HERE A reference to this pdf file came floating into my email this morning. I'm putting this up because I'm actually rather tickled about the audacity of it. When Bob McDonnell gives his speech at the Republican Convention in Richmond on Saturday there is a movement to have every one get up and leave while he's talking in protest of the largest tax raise in Virginia history. I find that both sensible and immensely amusing. These people who pretend to be conservatives until they get into power and then screw the people don't really deserve much respect. There are other solutions besides more government. It would be nice if our elected representatives would start seeking them out instead of just growing the leisure class that does nothing very productive and just sucks up the resources of the working people who actually make something or do something useful. We need a whole lot less government.

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