Saturday, May 25, 2013

Why Should Anyone Ever Trust Government?

SEE HERE I suppose the bottom line is that entities seek instinctively to survive, and this is no less true for government than for anything else. The differentiator is that government is simply raw power charged with limited duties but largely unchecked except by virtue and principle. So when virtue wanes so does the power to control government.

When those given governmental power begin to think it is because of their superior qualities then to the rest of society is diminished because thought less and taken to the extreme to which it tends one is finally left with the masters and the slaves. This isn't so bad if you're a master. And no-one cares what the slaves think unless it looks like they'll become unruly and revolt and then you can crucify them on the roads leading out of and into Rome to show the rest what becomes of slaves that revolt (at least if they don't win).

 It is a result devoutly to be wished that the electorate will wake up by 2014 and throw a monkey wrench into the machine. You can help it happen by making sure everyone understands what is going on. Large government ultimately generates poverty and slavery. We're getting closer all the time. Tyranny Rising!

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