Friday, May 17, 2013

Nothing New Here — Democrats Have Been Preaching Tyranny For A Long Time

SEE HERE It always amazes me when people are surprised at some Democrat led piece of creeping tyranny.  It's almost as if they never pay attention.  This has been going on more than my lifetime and I'm seventy.  They've always been this way.  They weren't quite a blatant back in the early years of the 20th century but they've been collectivists and advocated the use of government for tyrannical goals since forever.  Example abound if you just go back and look.  Now in this latest round of IRS tyranny, where the IRS is used to intimidate your political enemies I am reminded of Clinton using the FBI and Johnson's lying about the Tonkin Gulf and the infamous Church amendment later which caused us to abandon an ally in the field.  No Democrats and specifically liberal progressive socialist Marxist statists have been doing this for many decades.  It's about time people woke up because big government is a sickness that has a particularly unfortunate prognosis.

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