Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Well That Didn't Take Long — Racism Trumps Virtue

SEE HERE I was actually wondering how long it would take.  Not long at all before the rodents came out of their holes in the wall to make political hay out of the nomination of a black man who boldly proclaims virtue that flies in the face of the politically correct but morally corrupt scum that increasingly populate our political class.  It will make an entertaining spectacle as all the talking heads pretend to be personally not racist but outraged at a preacher-man who actually has the audacity to proclaim virtue.  Speak truth to stupidity pastor Jackson.  I voted for him on all four ballots.  My second candidate would have been Susan Stimpson if Jackson had faltered.

This article takes the usual view about broadening appeal.  The idea is that to broaden your appeal you have to compromise your values.  This means of course that people with values tend to be shut out of the process.  Since Democrats have no values that are not negotiable they are always talking about compromise.  They only care about power so compromise that leaves them in power is always on the table.  This election will be interesting because everyone on the ticket is a person of principle.

I've been eagerly waiting for a ticket I could support 100% and this is one that has that characteristic.  I wish we had more men and women of principle in politics.  The idea that you have to compromise your values is likely one of the biggest reasons we have so few people with values actually involved.

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