Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Government Propaganda Apparatus Penetrating The IRS

SEE HERE Why should an explicitly pro-life organization have to promote abortion to be a valid 501c? I suppose that is really a rhetorical question. Freedom of speech means nothing to this administration. The IRS is just a bunch of bully boys to the corrupt administration seeking to "fundamentally transform America." It's odd that no one seems to have asked our illustrious leader, fundamentally transform it to what, a communist state?, an extreme nanny-state socialism?, an extreme oligarchy?, perhaps just a gigantic slum? We seem to have people in charge who simply think they are a better form of life and should have the right to tell us all what to do and take our money to fund their pet projects however stupid. It has to stop while we are still vaguely solvent. Of course it's a coin toss whether we've already passed that point.

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