Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Global Warming Scammers Are Still Pushing The Nonsense

SEE HERE  My problem with the global warming alarmism is that I've yet to see any evidence for any of it.  When I say that I mean the idea that human beings have anything to do with the global warming that has been observed.  The data sets show sustained warming coming out of the Little Ice Age but all the hoopla about human generated CO2 produces exactly no-change in the slope of the warming despite being a large change in human terms.  Then there is the issue of all the emails that showed unprofessional behavior on the part of the global warming alarmists ranging from cooking the numbers to blocking publications by those who disagreed with them.  Now that's a red flag and it was covered up.  Finally where does all the "science" come from?  The answer, surprisingly, is from computer models of climate change that contain all sorts of fudging, especially non-physical and never validated physical effects such as "positive forcing functions" which contribute the alarmist findings but which are not observed in the actual climate data.  Sorry folks but these are all the markers of government bought and paid for crisis mongering.  You're being scammed!

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