Monday, September 2, 2013

Government Intrusion Is Often Deadly

SEE HERE  This is an interesting take on the many ways that over government tends to produce lack of freedom and even death.  I'm personally in the camp that says that government is for two things: 1) defense against external enemies, and 2) defense against internal enemies and pretty much nothing else. 

The first calls for a strong national defense.  The second calls for clarity in law and a good system of courts and legal counsel.  Together that's what government is for.  Part of the second calls for "truth in advertising" so that you know when people are lying by showing that what they say and what they do are two different things.  It also calls for standards in weights and measures and purity of things. 

Beyond that I think you have to make your case.  Central government in our time has grown to be a tyrant even if it is a tyrant claiming to have your best interests at heart.  Frankly bureaucrats usually have no interests but their own.

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