Friday, September 27, 2013

Who Are The Extremists?

SEE HERE Well apparently the DemonRATS think their monopolistic healthcare scheme to take over almost 20% of the economy and deliver poorer healthcare to all Americans at inflated prices is more important than operating the government since they want to hold the budget hostage to funding ObamaCare. Well I for one would love to see the government shut down and a large fraction of it permanently. Does that make me an extremist? Well only if you think continuing to run an illegal government is some sort of middle of the road idea.

A large percentage of the government is just intrusive and unconstitutional. We'd be better off without it and we've only had it for a while so it's not as if we don't have the experience of what it is like not to have it. Many many havens for government bureaucrats sitting around writing what are essentially new laws without congressional oversight could be dispensed with so they would have to get real jobs. I define a real job and one which actually moves the economy forward by doing something productive. The real extremists are the DemonRATS (yeah I know it's Democrats, but DemonRATS seems so much more descriptive.) Tyranny Rising!

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