Friday, September 20, 2013

The Face Of Tyranny Up Close And Personal

SEE HERE (note: story goes back to November 2011 but illustrates the point) So the health department decides to shut down a sustainable farmer's party ... how special!  The government overreach is beyond tyranny to downright thuggery.  This is on a par with a lot of other things they are doing to keep control of food.  Apparently the people that produce it have no right to prepare and serve it without some bureaucrats showing up with the intention to spoil the party with arbitrary interventions.  Years ago, don't know if it still pertains, I was in Arizona and noticed that the little restaurant I was eating in had a license on the wall that warned me that they had the lowest kind of license which didn't guarantee me anything about the quality of the food or the cleanliness of the place.  Apparently it was the cheapest license.  It was a great little restaurant.

Then I went to a different restaurant in the same town and they had a more expensive license posted but that restaurant was a pit.  The bathrooms were scummy and the place was a bit slovenly and frankly the food was at best so-so even though they had the more expensive license.

The motto of this story is that government can't inspect quality or health or anything else in, but they can make life miserable for people.  I think they should butt out and let people use their own judgment.  This was definitely Tyranny Rising! 

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