Friday, September 13, 2013

The Factors That Suggest War In Syria May Be Inevitable: Sheer Madness

SEE HERE Hmmm... inevitable is one of those words tossed around too lightly. Why should war in Syria be inevitable? Indeed, why should we care? This is a Muslim squabble that we really don't have a stake in unless of course our NIC (Narcissist In Charge) really is being "handled" by the Muslim Brotherhood in the first place. I don't care about Turkey, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia, at least not very much and certainly not enough to start a war over. Make no mistake that attacking Syria is an act of war. Syria is a sovereign nation whether we like the government or not. One question is why should we like the rebels more than Assad. It is the rebels killing Christians, cutting off heads, abusing children and overall acting like the savages that they are. By comparison Assad is downright civilized. This whole thing is an outrage. We should impeach Obama not fall in with his plans to destabilize the Middle East and help create a new Caliphate. We are on the wrong side frankly. The side we should be on is one of civilization and the savagery being perpetrated by the side we apparently think we're on is enough to show that it's the wrong side. Stop the madness and let the Muslims kill each other without our help.

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