Saturday, March 29, 2014

Breaking The Code! What Liberals Mean When They Yell "Racist"!

SEE HERE  Yup this is the truth ... liberals don't really think of course they just emote.  But here are the seven things they mean all coded under the convenient word "racism".

1) You disagree with me: How dare you!
2) I need more attention and/or money: I'm whining.  Pay more attention to me.
3) Let’s take a choice away from black Americans: We're just pretending to help.
4) You are disagreeing with a minority: A from of the "I'm offended" card.  How dare you disagree. See (1) above.
5) Your attack is damaging us: You're actually making sense.  We can't have that.
6) You won't do what I want!: More whining!  See (2) above.
7) Stop trying to do outreach to black Americans:  Get off our plantation!  (Democrats own these folks and resent any interference.  Too bad they don't actually help them.)

I think this pretty much sums up the "racist" card.  I've been working on making a list of the "cards" ... they're played instead of making argument when liberals seem unable to comprehend.  Liberals only utter the mantras, i.e. the conclusions ( alleged ) of what they believe, but no-one every gave them the argument from which the conclusion is supposed to derive.  So they just utter the mantras as if they are Divine wisdom sent down from on-high.  I've never actually seen a liberal produce a cogent argument, not even a simulated one.  Strange!

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