Monday, March 31, 2014

If It Walks Like A Commie And Talks Like A Commie And Takes Positions Like A Commie Then It's Probably A Progressive

SEE HERE  Progressives, as someone said, are just patient Communists working to achieve Marxist goals one incremental step at a time.  They've been working the problem for over a century and getting pretty close to pushing the United States over the tipping point.

Most of the nation has forgotten what Communism is all about since it's been concealed under an avalanche of propaganda and disinformation.  One confronts the McCarthyism meme which is a straw man that makes out Joe McCarthy to have been some sort of monster when in fact we now know that virtually every charge Joe McCarthy ever made has turned out to be true.  But the crypto-Communists crucified him.  The media was full of these Progressives all the way back to FDR's time and before.  Indeed FDR was a "Progressive" as were many before him.  I think you really need to do your homework and study the history of the 20th century to understand that this has been something coming for a long long time.

Now we're in the end game and no-one remembers what it is all about.  When you wake up in chains you'll get it, but by then it will be too late.  I hate sounding like a pessimist because I'm by nature a very cheerful guy.  My heroes are all doers, creative people who were individualists at heart. I hate looking out at the world and seeing all these phony make-believe victims we've created with our "you're special" and "everyone that shows up gets a ribbon" mentality.  It makes people think they are entitled to recognition and approval when they've done nothing but sit on their cans.  I could go on in this vein but it's pointless.  You either have to wake up or you have to accept what comes.

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