Monday, March 10, 2014

With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies?

SEE HERE  The Establishment Republicans don't believe in supporting their grassroots.  They are too dedicated to going along with Democrats to get alone in Washington when in fact they should be a loud, abrasive, articulate alternative to the fast track to the collapse of the Republic.  Instead they advocate the slow track to the same destination.  Well that's no answer to the challenges of our time.  What we need is to get the train going in the opposite direction so we can restore prosperity and a truly exceptional future for America.  We need patriots with spine and not the spineless toadies we have currently.  2014 may well be the last opportunity to save a great nation.  We need all hands on deck and all ordnance aimmed at anyone who is not a Lover of Liberty!  Rand Paul, not always my favorite person, had it exactly right at CPAC.  We don't need Republicans or Democrats.  What we need is Lovers of Liberty.  We need people who understand and love their country and have a passion to restore it.

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