Friday, March 14, 2014

Can We Get Government Interference Out Of Our Lives?

SEE HERE  Why can't I build a pond on my own property and stock it?  What is wrong with the government these days?  There seems to be some delusion in government circles that they and they alone know what they are doing when in fact there isn't a shred of evidence that government knows its left hand from its right or its head from its butt.  Government bullying is getting to be the standard move and we should have the government just butt out.  All these agencies like EPA and DHS and FDA and on and on HHS and DOE are all pretty much unconstitutional to begin with.  They invade the sovereignty of the states and they execute powers not delineated in the Constitution and since the powers of the Federal Government are explicitly said to be enumerated you have to find them in the Constitution.  All the hand waving aside, they're just not there.  Can we have our country back?

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