Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It Wasn't Hard To See This Coming

SEE HERE  Unfortunately the U.S. is dominated by low-information voters that only care about sport and handouts.  Mack Reynolds, a science fiction writer I really liked, called this 'trank and tellie' where his view of the future was of the greater mass of the population sitting around doing tranquilizers and watching mindless television.  Well we're about there.  The problem is that isn't freedom it's vegetating in a mindless stupor (the word 'couchpotato' comes to mind).  How prescient but only those paying any attention notice.  The rest breath in the mindlessness and vote for nice speeches read movingly from teleprompters.  Noticing that the speech reader has never accomplished anything and doesn't hold views consistent with America doesn't rise to the attention of the mindless.  So here we are, totally gamed and watching the coming train wreck like some reality show on the tellie.

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